Both experts are familiar with both Korean community and sexual minority things

Both experts are familiar with both Korean community and sexual minority things

Each other boffins provides early in the day research expertise in sexual fraction-relevant facts having fun with an excellent phenomenological means and training knowledge off sexual fraction items too. Before the investigation collection, we searched and you will recognized our very own possible biases and you may presumptions (Mountain mais aussi al., 1997; Hays and you may Singh, 2011) out-of bisexual some one and their experience linked to personal dating. The original researcher reported that she believed that bisexual people perform appear to help you exact same-sex lovers at the a higher rate versus different-sex people. The next researcher reported that she thought that bisexual somebody might struggle to appear to the people generally speaking but view it very easy to turn out on their lovers.

Investigation programming and you can investigation

Brand new measures having checking out the information for it study aimed that have advised strategy by Colaizzi (1978), hence proceeds below: (a) reading through brand new participants’ transcribed interviews several times to get a standard end up being for them, (b) distinguishing extreme statements you to pertain to the new romantic experiences, (c) exploration off definitions, (d) throwing the newest distinct meaning on the clusters of your own theme, (e) writing a detailed a reason of phenomena, (f) going back this new findings of your own research towards users, and you can (g) and also make any needed change reflecting participants’ viewpoints. Finally, we included an effective doctoral beginner on the coding and you can analysis processes who’s extensive education sense associated with sexual minorities to improve the new authenticity of one’s study.


Several methods were used to boost the brand new credibility of the data within data: (a) Researcher prejudice try known before the investigation range (Creswell and you can Poth, 2016); (b) the data was consistently compared with the brand new templates you to developed in the study; (c) the outcome was searched on users (member-checking; Lincoln and you may Guba, 1986; Creswell and you can Miller, 2000), and (d) an external auditor, chosen predicated on her detailed guidance knowledge to the sexual fraction society for the Korea, tested and you may confirmed the fresh themes and you will breakdown of your layouts.

Overall performance

We known four layouts off Korean bisexual individuals’ enjoy regarding their name in the context of personal relationships: (a) understanding me personally because the bisexual, (b) exposure in order to discrimination and you will exception to this rule, (c) struggling with the fresh new sex out-of a romantic spouse, (d) securing myself whenever engaging in a romantic relationship, and (e) great things about connection.

Understanding me because bisexual

More people reported that they always acknowledge on their own once the heterosexual but reassessed you to definitely character after they started to such anybody of the identical sex, and then it identified by themselves because bisexual. Subin described their unique feel, “Once i couldn’t exclude the potential for me with romantic emotions for women, I imagined in order to me ‘Oh, I’d end up being bisexual,’ and you can recognized they.” Jiwoo extra, “Relationship forced me to to determine my personal kone tysk choice.”

In addition, really players explained that they didn’t have strong bias or opposition for the sexual minorities even before determining themselves while the bisexual. Such as for example, Hajun told you, “I’ve constantly got a pretty large demand for this topic (sexual minorities), and so i left the door discover.” The fresh new participants’ discover and responsive feelings with the sexual minorities appears to has aided them discuss the possibility of their own sexual title as bisexual otherwise sexual minority, barely feeling repulsed.

But not, people reported that they had continuously censored the bisexual name even after they known by themselves given that bisexual, as they believed mislead otherwise unsure regarding their identity. Specifically it started initially to question if they remained allowed to believe themselves bisexual immediately after matchmaking people for a long period, which don’t allow them to become drawn to otherwise go out anybody of other sex. Including, Jimin said, “I understand I do not need recognition to own my personal label, however, to mention me bisexual, I’m variety of under pressure such I should features more or less an equivalent proportion from inclination anywhere between preference one another sexes.” Eunseo stated the same question. She stated:

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